Norton Sound Health Corporation

Clinical Laboratory

The laboratory at Norton Sound Regional Hospital is Joint Commission Accredited. The staff includes Phlebotomists, Medical Laboratory Assistants, Laboratory Informatics Specialist, Point of Care Technicians & Assistants, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Medical Laboratory Scientists/Medical Technologists, Point of Care Administrator, Laboratory Manager, and a Laboratory Director. The Laboratory also employs Commissioned Corps Officers from the United States Public Health Service. The laboratory works 24 hours Monday – Friday and covers weekends to ensure that the hospital’s diagnostic needs are always taken care of.

The laboratory supports an inpatient unit consisting of 16 beds, an outpatient clinic, and the on-site 24 hour Emergency Department. This laboratory also supports the 15 village clinics and village health services with both supporting and providing point of care testing consistent with the hospital program and accepting specimens sent in each day. The laboratory participates consistently with the rotation of the outpatient clinic specialty clinics to facilitate best patient care for Alaskans. Norton Sound Health Corporation’s Long Term Care Facility Quyanna Care’s laboratory needs are also taken care of by the hospital Clinical Laboratory.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers-patients and healthcare colleagues alike-with timely and accurate results using the most advanced technologies that suit our region's needs. It is also our mission to receive and treat all of our patients in ways that are culturally sensitive, with compassion, and expertise, especially with those who are elders.

Our Vision

Our vision is to remain an integral part of the healthcare team at Norton Sound Health Corporation (NSHC) by maintaining the highest level of staffing in number and in quality. We will strive to promote and recruit from the best labor services available, focusing on hiring and training local talent and mentoring Alaskan students. We aim to improve village and interdepartmental communication while continuing to provide learning opportunities for all NSHC staff and Bering Strait Communities. With the rapid nature of advancements in medicine, our goal is to remain progressive with state-of-the-art technology to fill the testing needs of our customers for routine and specialized in-house analysis.

Our Values

   ✓ Have Integrity 
   ✓ Uphold Accuracy 
   ✓ Be Compassionate 
   ✓ Promote Health and Wellness 
   ✓ Continue Growth

You can learn more about your lab tests at Lab Tests Online is a public service developed by clinical laboratory professionals to help you, as patient or caregiver, better understand the many clinical lab tests that are part of routine health care, diagnosis, and treatment.

The 2013 open date of the new hospital laboratory included state-of-the-art instrumentation and new on-site testing to obtain better turnaround time and provider satisfaction. The on-going training and facilities allow for the Norton Sound Laboratory to continue exceeding industry standards. The laboratory participates in annual proficiency testing through the American Proficiency Institute. The Laboratory and Point of Care Department are inspected and accredited by The Joint Commission and COLA.