Norton Sound Health Corporation

Social Services

The Social Services Department provides medical social work services to individuals and families seen at Norton Sound Regional Hospital, all of the region’s village clinics and Quyanna Care Center, as well as to staff at Norton Sound Health Corporation. Services include mental health assessments; referrals to community or statewide resources for assistance; crisis intervention; and reporting of suspected cases of child and adult abuse/neglect. The department primarily serves:

  • Victims of abuse, neglect, exploitation, domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Elders who require assistance at home, placement into care facilities or temporary lodging for medical care
  • Complex pregnancies and births, such as teenage mothers, mothers who want to adopt their infant out at birth, etc.
  • The families of patients who have died, for burial assistance and grief counseling
  • Emergency room patients and their families
  • Patients with life-threatening illnesses or experiencing emotional distress related to multiple life stressors